Plans & Pricing

Get amazing talent risk free with premium subscription staffing and our lifetime guarantee. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll benefit from the same personalized matching process and our unequivocal commitment to quality.


No more compliance worries.

Boldly premium subscription staffing means your US-based staff are employed by us, and part of Boldly’s thriving culture of happy team members. You’ll be able to rely on your staff being available for the long term, without having to worry about the increasing compliance risk of working with independant contractors.
“My Boldly executive assistant plays a very key role in supporting me and my business.
It’s important to me that she is happy, and gets the benefits of being a Boldly employee.
I love what these guys do to support and retain their team.”

John Shipley, NY

All Plans Include

Your dedicated staff member

Meeting your staff before deciding to sign up

Your staff have 10-15 years of experience

Your choice of North America or Europe-based staff

Your staff integrated into your team and systems

A trained backup to cover vacations or sickness

Access to multilingual services

1 hour complimentary launch meeting when you start

Access to our entire team for specialist tasks

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time

Private dashboard to track your hours

No extra charge for additional users

No start-up fees

100% satisfaction guarantee

Web development, design and other specialist tasks are billed in addition to the plans above. Please contact us for rate information.